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Karu Kanji - Card Game

Karu Kanji - Card Game

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Karu Kanji© is a game to learn Japanese ideograms in a fun way.

Have you ever heard of karuta? It is a very popular Japanese game, from which many anime and manga have been based.

In the traditional game, cards are used on which verses of some Japanese poems are written. For a Westerner, it's a bit difficult as a game because you have to be able to recognize Japanese writing, as well as poems!

Now you too can have fun with karuta by playing Karu Kanji! This version uses Japanese ideograms instead of poems, so in addition to playing and having fun, you can quickly learn the kanji, along with the most commonly used words that contain them.

Karu Kanji is designed for those who are preparing for the basic level of the Japanese Language Proficiency test (JLPT N5), but it is very useful to start learning the first kanji and their meaning. Then even if you already know Japanese well, it can be useful to brush up or just have fun playing karuta with your friends!

Start now to immerse yourself in the fantastic world of karuta and Japanese kanji!

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